Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Downtown Cincinnati Lunch Project: Day 2
Rating: A+ (Andy)
Ordered: Ceasar Salad w/ Chicken

I got a text last night from my cousin, Sam.  He wanted to meet for lunch and suggested Roly Poly.  I thought I would introduce him to Mayberry instead.  One must understand that I love Mayberry. It was a fantastic find that drew me in with the promise of Maple Sausage and Potato Soup and kept me coming back for every dish they offer. Since Mayberry has become on of the staple resturants on the weekly rotation it shouldn't really be included in the lunch project, but I figure it counts since I am introducing it to someone new and ordering something I have never ordered before.

Sam & Nora
Sam arrived downtown with his 6 month old daughter Nora.  While I was excited to eat at Mayberry I never accounted for the fact that they lack highchairs.  So no photos today as I was busy holding Nora while letting Sam eat. She behaved very well and enjoyed watching all the people in the resturant.

Hail Ceasar!
I had been wanting to order one of the two salads offered at Mayberry and since Sam went for the Chicken Ceasar, I did too...with anchovies. The greens were crisp and fresh, the chicken was great and the anchovies really made the salad.

Thanks again Mayberry, see you in a month!

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R. N. Dominick said...

Rating: A (Roger)

(For the curious, Mayberry would get an A from me.)

My friend J-- comes downtown on occasion, mostly to buy pens or books or both. I knew he was planning a trip downtown and told him that the next time he came down, we should hit Hathaway's for lunch.

Hathaway's is a classic diner. Clean and bright inside, mostly black, white and light blue. The room is dominated by two of the giant U-shaped counters, plus a smattering of tables around the periphery.

They have standard diner food -- you can probably order without looking at the menu. On this visit, I had the club sandwich, and J-- the 1/2-pound cheeseburger.

There was a bit of a wait for the food, but they were quite busy. J-- and I tucked in.

My club was delicious, a true double-decker, with plenty of mayonnaise to add that special something that a club sandwich needs. For me, a club is comfort food -- I used to go to Kaelin's in Louisville and order a club when I feeling blah -- and this sandwich, simply put, made me happy. It'll be hard to order something else when I return.

J--'s burger was pronounced "delicious". He is a man of few words, so that's all the information I got.