Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Downtown Cincinnati Lunch Project: Day 3
Mr. Sushi
Rating: B (Andy)
Ordered: Philly Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, Chicken Fried Rice

I was not feeling very adventurous while ordering sushi.  I went with the Philly Rolls and Spicy Tuna Rolls. The tuna in the last spicy tuna roll I ate was pretty mushy and I did not go back for the remaining one. The Philly roll seemed like it was just tuna and cream cheese, but appearently there was a sliver of vegetable in there too.

When you order an entree or $10 worth of sushi you get a soup and salad.  The soup was pretty good but the salad was forgetable and no fork was provided (until I asked for one) so eating it with chopsticks made the whole thing pointless.
The Chicken Fried Rice was pretty good. There were several components and a little bit of heat to it. Unfortunately it seemed like the peas were from the freezer and were flavorless pockets of mush in an otherwise delicious dish.

Overall, I would say that I would like to try Mr. Sushi again. The staff was very freindly and courteous and there are other dishes on the menu I would like to try.
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R. N. Dominick said...

Rating: C (Roger)

Ah, Mr. Sushi. I had the bibimbap, which was nice and fresh, a pleasant dish; if I'd known the benefits of ordering it in a hot clay pot I would've. (Crunchy rice, for those curious.) I only wish it was spicier.

A sushi place lives and dies on its sushi, however, and Mr. Sushi fell a little flat on this point. The spicy tuna roll had some of the least-pleasantly-textured tuna I've ever had, and the Philly roll was completely overpowered by the cream cheese. (I'm not a big fan of cream cheese in rolls, but Andy wanted one, so...)

There has to be better sushi somewhere downtown. Wasn't there a new place opening in Tower Place Mall?

debtfreeme said...

I tried Mr Sushi right after it opened. I couldn't wait for them to open because I was craving sushi for the longest time. I was looking forward to the cheaper alternative to Benihana.

I tried the shrimp tempura rolls. I thought they were quite good. I was a little disappointed with the miso soup. It seemed, instant and not homemade (oh the horror).

I will go back and try it again. I especially want to try the California roll, that's my favorite but there is only one place that I like it from.

Everyone else's that I have tried never compare to this one place so I am dying to see if it comes close.